Owncloud and kodi

Hi everyone, I post here because i have a question before making a owncloud server with a raspberry pi.
Can we use a owncloud server and kodi at the same time ?
For example: I watch a movie with kodi on the pi and at the same time my brother upload a file on the owncloud. It is possible?
Thanks for your answers and sorry for the bad english.

Depends on how you setup your Pi.
If you go the no-brainer and install Kodi via the Open-ELEC image, you cant install anything else because it is a readonly system.

Also oC needs quite some CPU on the Pi - so during that time i doubt that the movies would run smooth

I would recommend a second Pi :wink:

thanks for the answer, I thinking using raspbian to install owncloud and kodi on the raspberry pi.
But like you say, the combo kodi+owncloud ( and maybe +raspbian) will be too much for a pi 3 :sweat:
Or others solutions exist to run both oc and kodi ?