OwnCloud and Lightroom

Is it possible to have photos and lightroom catalogues in owncloud only and work in Lightroom that will see those folders from the cloud?

I have found an article where one guy tried to do that with DropBox.

Any ideas from anyone. Please help

It depends on what Lightroom supports. Worst case, I guess you can save / sync the files as any other file in ownCloud.
I’m not sure what you’re trying to do.

I use it like this…

Catalogues are local and not sync’d (think you have to do this, from memory lightroom gets all bent out of shape when owncloud tries to sync changes else)

Catalogue Backups go to local sync’d location.

Assets (i.e. all raw files etc) live in local sync’d location (lightroom points at this location)

Once everything is imported to lightroom and smart previews created I click the replace with virtual files option which leaves me the stubs.

It’s not perfect but a good day out with the camera can produce 100GB of data which kills the ssd space on my laptop very quickly, so once I’ve processed it all gets dropped in place of stubs locally. If I need to print something from lightroom, I can still see the images from the smart previews cached with the catalogues (local) and I go and find the files in the sync’d location and tell owncloud to download from the virtual file, lightroom carries on in session.

The ideal would be if lightroom could trigger the download in owncloud on demand, then I’d be very very happy! and I’d imagine a lot of photographers would be too! (One day I’ll have time to sit down and figure out if I can write something to support it).

I hope that makes some sense…

Good use of the VFS feature! In the upcoming 2.6.0 client we have an enhanced version for Windows 10, this might help, too: Desktop client 2.6.0 alpha1 released

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