ownCloud and onlyoffice on the same machine

How can install onlyoffice document server on the same machine with owncloud?

Hi Mabugs,

If you are not too deep in Linux/ownCloud/Onlyoffice internals probably the easiest solution is using the appliance - see ONLYOFFICE Document Server with ownCloud as an Appliance - there should be enough documentation on the web.

An alternate way would be proxying the Onlyoffice services or have them listening to other ports. Documentation is found at ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - ownCloud ONLYOFFICE integration app.

Hi cortho ,
Thanks for your response. However what i was asking is how to install owncloud and onlyoffice on the same host?

Actually this answered all my questions

which is exactly what I wrote in my second paragraph and what you found as your solution. If you had been more verbose in your original post you would have gotten preciser answers.

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