Owncloud app fills up internal memory with copies of files


I installed owncloud server on a CentOS 7, got the app on Google Play, connected, sent some files, it’s working so far.
Now, my goal is to backup as much as I can from my phone, and I’m failing at finding a way to do that,

Actual behaviour

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Since existing files are not automaticlly sent, I selected them manually. The problem is they’re first copied from the SD card to the owncloud/ directory on the internal memory, which fills it and causes system issues. The upload then fails at a few dozens files instead of the hundreds selected.
Then, if retrying the same upload, the few files that could be transferred are duplicated with a (2) in the name…

Expected behaviour

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I’m looking for a way to synchronize all files in existing directories directly to the server, without copying the files anywhere else. I’m not clear if the owncloud Android app can do that.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Select lots of pictures files on the SD card for sending
  2. Check that they’re copied to the owncloud directory on the internal memory

Environment data

Android version: 8.0.0

Device model: Sony Xperia X Compact

Stock or customized system: Stock

ownCloud app version:2.12 release 4d954d50b

ownCloud server version: 10.2.1