ownCloud App - Folder Overview

Hey there,

i installed the new App on my iphone, after using for a longer time the old App.

In the new App the Folder Overview is not like it is on the Server or the old App… its looks like all files and folders are listed directly on the first level… i can navigate to the folders but usually on the first level i have more or less 10 folders… which has subfolders and so on… now i have a very long list of “folders and files” when i start the App. Is there any setting or options i need to activate? cause i didn’t find anything…


I just performed a quick test with demo.owncloud.com (user: test, pw: test) and I see the exact same data in the web UI, in the old iOS app, and in the new iOS app:

@cyborg could you elaborate on the problem you’re trying to solve?

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thanks for your help!

I don’t know why… but i tried it myself too with an demo installation… there it was at the beginning wrong… but i tried it again and with the fourth time it started with looking like your one…

after this y tried it again with my installation… and like a wonder since then its looking correct! i don’t know why, the only thing i’ve done different is… that this time i did empty the bin over CLI

thanks again!

@cyborg in case you encounter more issues with your instance, here you can find more information how to troubleshoot:


@michaelstingl thanks!