OwnCloud App for Windows 10/11 closing unexpectedly

We’ve got OwnCloud installed on several computers running Windows 10 and Windows 11, with the Virtual option enabled (App Version: However, on a specific computer, OwnCloud is closing on its own when trying to download files (it doesn’t happen all the time, but occasionally, when we click to open a file, the app just shuts down and displays an error saying the file is not available). After that, we open OwnCloud again, and it resumes downloading normally, but it closes again after some time (or if we try to download multiple files simultaneously, for example).

The computer is equipped with Windows 11, 8GB of RAM, 256GB NVMe SSD, and an i5 (10th generation) processor. I don’t think hardware is the issue.

What could be causing these closures? Is there a way to prevent this? Does OwnCloud for Windows store logs?

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Could you help the team by posting a screenshot of the error?

Here you can find information about log files:

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