ownCloud Appliance: ownCloud config.php + overwrite.config.php




I’ve posted this in the univention-forum last week, but I haven’t got an answer until now so I thought maybe you guys could help.

For some settings you have to change some entries in the config.php. I’ve noticed that some of the entries are overwritten by the overwrite.config.php. So I changed the entries in the overwrite.config.php but after a reboot the overwrite.config.php is the same as before.
Also I noticed, that some entries in the overwrite.config.php are filled by some variables but I found no way to modify them. Neither through the UCR nor any file located in the template-folder univention uses.

Is there any way to just use the config.php and block/remove the overwrite.config.php?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,

nobody got an idea?

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Hi jf712,

We are working on adding the log level setting to a configurable option in the webUI so users don’t have to access the command line anymore.

I hope that we can provide you a new appliance in the next few days.

The finished result will look something like this: