OwnCloud as a front-end to samba server

Dear colleagues,
I would like to deploy the owncloud as a front end to the our institutional samba server (~100 users). For this, i need an automatic setup procedure, which automatically creates the onwcloud accounts (authenticated with samba passwords) and sets up the external file share location pointing to the samba server.
Using this setup I would like to get:
1. fast working storage within our LAN using samba
2. easy access to samba files from the internet, possibility to share links or folders outside the LAN
3. separate user storage for cloud (nowadays is everybody asking for a cloud).

Has anybody tried similar setup? Would anybody be willing to help me with such setup, possibly for some remuneration?

Yes, this is a typical use case for 25% of our customers. However the Windows Network Drive integration is part of our Enterprise offering, you can easily test this via the marketplace and go for a trial. Please contact me in order to receive pricing information.

With the Open Source version somebody would have to work on the automated setup, etc.