ownCloud as backup storage server

At the moment I save my backup files to Amazon S3 using the backup application Cloudberry Backup, but I was wondering if I should setup a ownCloud server instead of using AWS S3.
I've been thinking of making my own backup program in .Net.

Am I the only one who's been thinking of using ownCloud as backup storage server?
What functionality does ownCloud provide that could be useful, e.g. is it possible to retrieve a filelist and retrieve a hash key of a file/data block?

Are there already a .Net class out there that could be useful?

Should I use webdav to transfer files?

I have read about the ownCloud Command Line Client, but it seems for synchronizing.

Any guidance would be appreciated.....I'm completely new to ownCloud.


ownCloud is not backup solution for the reasons explained in this FAQ:


-I'm not looking for a "backup solution"
-I did read the FAQ it doesn't answer my question.

Other examples of non-backup-solution:
AWS S3, a HP rack server, a harddisk, ...
But nevertheless they could very well be parts of a backup-solution such as ownCloud could be.

My question is meant to be a little sophisticated.

You want to use ownCloud as a backup storage server and the FAQ above contains the info that you shouldn't use ownCloud as a backup for the reasons mentioned (Adding to this are the well known bugs in oC in the past causing issues and data loss).

Adding to this you need to do a backup of all your data before doing any updates / upgrades of ownCloud so you would need to do a backup of your backup. Doesn't sound as something you want to do?

The words "backup" and "ownCloud" just doesn't match, trust me. :slight_smile:

Using owncloud synchronization is no backup solution. If you only use ownCloud as webdav storage (and you do not sync it), this could be done. But if you only need a backup, why don't you just use SCP? It's much simpler to set up, faster, more flexible for backup (in combination with rsync, rsnapshot, ...).

You want to use ownCloud because you want to share data with other people and use it over several devices. It provides way too much functions for a simple backup storage.

I don't see why you couldn't use OwnCloud to feed a backup solution though. However, you MUST have some kind of incremental backup solution for this to even kinda sorta work. Something like BackupPC or Baccula must be behind OwnCloud.

Thanks for the feedback.
Although I never got any answer to what I asked:
"... is it possible to retrieve a filelist and retrieve a hash key of a file/data block?"
"are there already a .Net class out there that could be useful?"
"Should I use webdav to transfer files?"
But I'm guessing the answer is "no".

The storage solutions from Azure, S3 and Google all have that.....I just wanted to know if ownCloud could be used as an alternative to those cloud storage solutions.

It's obvious it's not a good idea to use ownCloud's synchronization functionality directly as a backup solution, and I didn't ask about that.