Owncloud as nginx subdirectory


I’ve been trying to set up owncloud with nginx for quite a while now and it works if i install it basic and use it like cristidumitru.tech but i want to have a different page there and use it like cristidumitru.tech/owncloud and i understand that you have to make a subdirectory for that.

I’ve been stuck on this because i can’t make it work, i used the documentation for nginx as a subdirectory but it won’t work (https://doc.owncloud.com/server/10.0/admin_manual/installation/nginx_configuration.html).

Have anyone figured out how to do that and is willing to lend me a hand?

Thanks to anyone responding.

A google search for “owncloud nginx” gives you: NGINX Configuration where there’s a section ownCloud in a subdirectory of NGINX. You’ll find what you need there.


maybe you can also try to explain what “it won’t work” means?