Owncloud blocked in paused mode

I have the same problem described by someone else in a closed topic, but no solution was given to him, so I post again this topic …
My synchro is paused since many days (I never asked to pause it) and i can’t restart it. I disconect my acount and connect again : no change. I quit and restart : no change.
I do not find the way to start the synchonisation on desktop app with win 10. Everythings are up to date.

It already happened to me 2 times, I had to suppress the sync folder and add it again But resynchronizing everything takes a long time. What ca I do to solve the problem please?
Thank’s for your help.

Could you post a screenshot? Empty account window with all the sync connections gone? This should no longer happen with the 5.2.1 version.

The foders do not appear anymore in the client

See see response in the other topic:


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