Owncloud changed IP after reboot in UCS server

I have a weird issue. After I setted up my Owncloud account, I received address however after reboot it changed to and I can not login even with default password. (btw I already used and uploaded some files to

Remark: I extended the storage on the using this tutorial: https://help.univention.com/t/resize-lvm-on-ucs/7491

UPDATE: it changed again after ‘reset’. What I am doing wrong?

Can someone help?

Hello @nikster,

Well, for Univention Support visit the https://help.univention.com/ and ask them directly :slight_smile:

But in my own point of view, you have configured the Univention Networking using DHCP, and if the IP is changing always in every restart, verify your DHCP Server and verify the configurations and/or add a fixed address rule for your univention machine.

Best regards,
Erwin Palma

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