OwnCloud client 2.4.1 - Linux Mint 19

I’m using the desktop client 2.4.1 under Linux Mint 19 - In Linux Mint 18.3 it worked without any problems.
Now I have to enter the password each time I start the system.
Does anybody else noticed that behaviour?

Which package did you use?
Does it work if you use the 2.4.2 package from https://software.opensuse.org//download.html?project=isv:ownCloud:desktop&package=owncloud-client ?

Thank you for your answer.
In the meanwhile I have the solution. OwnCloud Client is asking for KWALLET to store the passwords. But KWALLET is not installed automatically in Linux Mint 19.
I have installed the programm, opened a password file, added the program to autostart and set a delay to OwnCloud client in the autostart group.
Now it works.
Is there any chance to use the program that is automatically installed? Its called seahorse

Good to hear it works. I don’t think Seahorse is supported by QtKeyChain (which is what we’re using).

Linux/Unix: If running, GNOME Keyring is used, otherwise qtkeychain tries to use KWallet (via D-Bus), if available.

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