Owncloud client 2.5.3 for OS X - code signature issue


I have just downloaded the latest version of the owncloud client for Mac OS X (2.5.3, build 11290), and when starting it get a critical issue in Little Snitch because there is apparently a problem with code signature of the application. Here is the Little Snitch full report:

action: deny
direction: outgoing
priority: extra high
process: /Applications/owncloud.app/Contents/MacOS/owncloud
owner: me
destination: any
port: any
protocol: any
notes: On 2019-02-19, owncloud tried to establish a connection to xxxxxxx. The request was denied automatically during Silent Mode because the code signature does not match what existing rules require.

This error never occurred with the previous version of the owncloud client.

Client configuration

Client version: 2.5.3, build 11290
Operating system: Mac OS X 10.14.3
OS language: English


@dschmidt could you have a look?

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I have the same problem after downgrading to 2.5.3 (since the latest version also had problems, maybe of the same sort)
Is there a preferred way to make owncloud client work together with Little Snitch ?13


if there are problems with the signature of the desktop client i would try to contact / notify the developers of this client here:

Thanks tom42! I didn’t know about that, will try to contact them at github.

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i have also only learned last year that the ownCloud development team is only reading this forum from time to time. So while issues might get noticed its not guaranteed and it could be better to use the github issue trackers instead.

@avigan @tentoe I can confirm, the build system no longer use the ownCloud Inc. Apple account for code signing. It got migrated to an Apple account “ownCloud GmbH” under German jurisdiction. (see https://owncloud.com/imprint/)

I had a quick look at the Little Snitch docs, but there seems to be no supported/recommended way to migrate to a new Apple account.

The only solution is, to accept the new signature once.

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