ownCloud client deletes / creates / deletes / creates files

Wondering if anyone else experienced a situation where an ownCloud client starts deleting and recreating files on the server? It's like it gets in this bouncing state where it will delete a folder, then recreate it, then delete it, then recreate it.

The folder in question was inside a shared folder. All my shared folders to clients are shared from a LOCAL admin account, so I have control over it, and then the LDAP clients connect to them - this one went something like this:

User1's client deletes a few folders INSIDE a shared folder <- I don't know if this was intentional or if the client did it
User1's client creates the same folders again.
User1's client deletes the folders a minute later
User1's client creates the folders a minute later
User1's client deletes the folders a minute later
User2's client creates the SAME folders a minute later, including all the files that were inside that folder
User1's client deletes the folders a minute later

This creating/deleting continues on for an hour before I notice it.

I upgraded to 9.0, then 9.1 from 8.2.7, then notice the behavior continuing.

I remove all permissions from the share, thereby deleting the share and folders from everyone's client. I give it time to sync all the clients.

I rename the root folder, and re-share, forcing clients to re-download all the shared files inside a new root folder share. Things seem stable on that share,

BUT now I am seeing the old root share appearing in people's individual home folders and I see MKCOL entries in the logs that say no parent node, and it's trying to upload them, apparently thinking the old root share is still there for some reason.

My solution for now was to ask them to delete these now orphaned directories from their home directory, and I'm verifying on the back end and using the scanner to rescan (thanks to the patch for the scanner, which was another issue) and make sure everything's consistent.

Hope this is making some sense. Clients are on 2.2.2 and server is 9.1.0.

I have had this happen before, on version 8, where a few clients get out of sync, and one of them starts deleting files, then uploading them again, forcing everyone else to re-download what they see as "new" files.

Is there any way to stop this ping-ponging on shared folders once it starts? Anyone else seen this?


Can you retry with the current client version 2.2.3?

The 2.2.3 update just became available today for me for some reason, so I updated today and probably most of my other clients will do so as well in the next day or two.

This issue only pops up every so often. I was just curious if anyone else has run into it and what they do when it happens.

This sounds very strange. If you have a way to reproduce it, can you try to create a logfile of the client using the command line option --logfile and also mention the name of the file in question.

Also, please check the server log file if there are interesting entries.