ownCloud client leave folders in pending sync status

Hi guys,

I am using owncloud on my Windows Server 2019 and I am having issues where files and folder remain in the pending sync status even when there is nothing to sync. I have several folders with that and if I create a file it syncs perfectly.
Using vesion 2.9.0 and everything works well except this little nuisance.
Any suggestion on how to fix it?
Check screenshot attached. Those folders stay with the blue arrows all the time, never end up syncing completely.

Thanks in advance,

We worked on this for 2.9.1 … please update.

Thanks for the reply will check update.
Is there anywhere I can check the known issues with a particular version to avoid posting solved questions?

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2.10. has even more work in this area … VFS is now pretty perfect with Windows 10 …