Owncloud-client linux

I am using owncloud-client on fedora.
I was using older version of client where I was used to hide my owncloud server credentials with parameter “-n” this is using .netrc file
Now I update client to 5.2.1 and “-n” is missing. Now my credentials are in clear text in my script

Expected behaviour

owncloudcmd had option -n to use netrc file.
My credentials were hidden

Actual behaviour

no option to use netrc “-n”

Steps to reproduce

  1. install new owncloud-client on linux, for example fedora 39
  2. try to use owncloudcmd in script with option -n
  3. there is no -n option

Client configuration

Client version:
working version 2.3.2
not working (tested) version 5.2.1

Operating system: fedora 39, opensuse leap 15.5

OS language:EN

Client package (From ownCloud or distro) (Linux only): from Owncloud

Thank you


i think the community can’t offer much help here :slightly_frowning_face: because it seems this possibility has been removed by the ownCloud team in the change below. A follow-up request to re-introduce this support seems to exist but has been closed so i think you could ask the ownCloud people over there on the reason.

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Oops, they did it again.
Dropping any standard features, instead of refactoring the code to keep it, is a bad practice. And refuse to correct a questionable decision, well, I’m missing the words for that.


These are the neat little but sharp edges, why I sometimes really hate ownCloud.

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Thank you all.
It is a shame that they remove .netrc :frowning:

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