ownCloud Client Package in openSUSE Factory

Today, the ownCloud Client package was finally accepted in openSUSE Factory. That means that users of the rolling release openSUSE Tumbleweed as well as the users of the upcoming Leap releases will find the ownCloud Client in the standard package repository.

I am also volunteering to maintain that package there from now on, but of course I am appreciating any help on this.

The package in Factory uses a stripped down and openSUSE specific version of the client package done by the ownCloud company. My initial plan was to use the ownCloud-repo isv:ownCloud:desktop as devel project for Factory, but it turned out that this was not applicable. Now KDE:Extra is the devel repository.


I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 and OC v2.2.3-1.6 -- The OC client is notifying me that the 2.2.4 update is available but when I update the repository for Ubuntu 16.04 I get an error about the key "NO_PUBKEY 6856E1DB1AC82609". Is this related or known of?