OwnCloud client runs "Checking for changes" nonstop

I have a folder with 4tb of data syncing to an offsite Owncloud server. My desktop client is now "checking for changes" nonstop. I am able to remove the account and sync from a smaller folder on my desktop. Something appears stuck between the larger folder and OwnCloud. Suggestions?

Running version 9.1.0

Windows? How many files/folders? Any error messages on the client side?

Desktop client is running on Windows 7 (w/ Desktop client version 2.3.2)

There are about one hundred subfolders, several hundred more sub/sub folders and thousands of photographs. File sizes range from 3 - 65mb. I do not see any error messages on the client side.

There is currently a natural file amount limit for the 32bit Windows client of about 800k files ... maybe less if you have not sufficient amounts of memory. Can you check how many files you are trying to sync?
We are considering a 64bit Windows Client but 2.3.x came with quite some memory improvements.

Thanks for your thoughts hodyroff,

There are 270,160 files in 5,097 folders. It appears to be working at this time. But, there have been two times when it appeared to check for changes nonstop - one time for three weeks.

Ok, when it occurs again, please check memory usage. Might be out of RAM.