Owncloud client takes "ages" (on macOS) until Finder icons and Finder context menu shows up

Expected behaviour

Finder icons (under macOS) should appear after a few seconds, once the owncloud client has been launched.

Actual behaviour

It takes literally minutes, until the icons (and the Finder right-click menu) appear.

This happened some while ago, don’t remember when exactly, but earlier the Finder icons would appear after a few seconds.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Quit owncloud (if running)
  2. Launch the owncloud client
  3. Wait and count the time until icons appear

Server configuration

Operating system:
don’t know, the server is administered by central admins

ownCloud version: don’t know , but it is nextcloud

Client configuration

Client version: 2.11.1

Operating system: macOS 12.5.1

OS language: english

Installation path of client: /Applications

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