ownCloud client: Unable to find a string to improve french translation


I'm trying to improve the last part of the attached screenshot "L'h么te xxx est introuvable" (for instance I want to add a final point). Can someone help me find this in Transifex?

introuvable means unfindable ... which seems to be the case for this string :wink:


translations are handled via transifex.com. You can apply for the translation team there and update / correct the spelling:


I'm already member of the french translation Team. My question is where is this particular string? Because I can not find it in Transifex ;-(.

Might be possible that this is a response of the server itself (the webserver, not even ownCloud).

I didn't think of that. You may be right.

Waiting for other ideas / answers.

Hey @ldmpub! Thanks for your interest to improve the Desktop sync client!

In this case, it's not a translation issue, since the source does not contain any final points there in the original language: 锘匡豢锘匡豢https://github.com/owncloud/client/blob/master/src/gui/accountsettings.cpp#L574-L576 (after printing the _accountState->connectionErrors(); that in this case are from the network reply)

Of course, PRs are always welcome :relaxed: Hope this helps you!


A friend of mine added this PR : https://github.com/owncloud/client/pull/5689 .

Hope to see this correction soon in the ownCloud client :slight_smile:.