ownCloud Client v2.11.1 failing dnf update - Fedora 37, libicu-71

Describe the bug

Upgraded from Fedora 36 to Fedora 37.
ownCloud fails to update client to v2.11.1 via ownCloud repository because of libicu-69 dependency, while Fedora 37 has libicu-71 instead.

Expected behavior

Update to v2.11.1 by supporting libicu-71 via ownCloud repository


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Duplicate for ownCloud Client 2.11.1 failing dnf update - Fedora 37, libicu-71 · Issue #10291 · owncloud/client · GitHub


Fedora 37 will be featured in the upcoming 3.0 release.

unfortunately it is not…

See the updates in Provide Linux packages for Fedora 37 · Issue #10291 · owncloud/client · GitHub

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Indeed. We are going to release 3.1 soon, which provides a few fixes and also provides Fedora 37 packages. If you want to test the new release already, please see 3.1 | download.owncloud.com. Please note that these are unstable alpha builds and should not be used in production setups.

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Note that you can already test the AppImage, which works well on Fedora 37. Please see Installing the Desktop App :: ownCloud Documentation for more information.

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