Owncloud.conf .. looking for the alias

Hello. So it has been a long time since I have messed with this.

I have everything set up and running as of today. I am now trying to get the URL to just use example.com and not example.com/owncloud.

I have already changed the deal to localhost and some other things … but the last thing I need to do this is to change the Alias

it used to be in a owncloud.conf located at:

but it is not there anymore and I even tried making that file with the alias and it didnt work…

has this been moved somewhere else? or is there another method to do this …

its interesting that the owncloud docs say to do this … but yet its not here

any help would be appreciated!

anyone know this by chance? I am trying to remove the example.com/owncloud to just example.com. I used to do it before but that Owncloud.conf seems to be gone … and I’m sure that there must be another way to do it

Your question is not related to Owncloud but to the setting of a virtualhost in Apache. You should look at the Apache documentation.
The conf file of your virtualhost should be in /etc/apache2/sites-available. Then you create the link using the command a2ensite yourfile.conf. And restart your apache server.
You can look at any tutorial on apache setting for the directives to write in the conf file.

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Maybe the ownCloud documentation is still helping here where the owncloud.conf is explained: