Owncloud connection with ldap user

Operating system Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS
ownCloud version 10.0.10

I did ldap server connection with owncloud server. Users can make their own connection with their own passwords. Users who do not make any connections cannot see in the admin user list. In this case, when I want to share a file, the user name does not appear in the share section. To be able to share, users must log in once. How can I see all the users on Ldap in my owncloud?


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I applied this command to synchronize users on ldap.

sudo -u www-data php occ user: sync “OCA \ User_LDAP \ User_Proxy”

After the command is written, the process starts and the number of users is found, but it remains 0% for a long time and no user is added. It also does not give any errors. What can I do about this problem?

Insert new and update existing users …
0/1441 [> ---------------------------] 0%

Check your LDAP settings in ownCloud. The filters, the connection, and so on.

I checked the ldap settings, it is like this. Is there a problem with the filter?

Users LDAP Query

Login Attributes LDAP Query

hm. And you can definitely connect to your LDAP?

To debug this issue, you can try with ldapsearch from command line.

Yes, owncloud is dependent on the ldap array service, and ldap users can log in to owncloud. As I wrote in my previous message, users who have never logged in appear in the user list. I’ve used ldapsearch on the command line and it looks at ldap users on the command line. But it still doesn’t appear in the user interface

Can you tell me more about your LDAP? Do you use Active Directory or OpenLDAP?
Can you post 1 example of a user how he is shown on the commandline?

I’m using OpenLDAP. I’m running the following command on the owncloud command line

ldapsearch -x -h server_ip -b “dc = x, dc = x, dc = x”

And then it lists all the uses on all OpenLDAP. I have given a user as an example below.

dn: uid = y, ou = x, dc = x, dc = x, dc = x
uidNumber: 3468
gidNumber: 4400
homeDirectory: / home / users / y
givenName: any
sec: any
cn :: any
mail: y@x.x.x
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: posixAccount
objectClass: top
uid: y

add DisplayName attribute.

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