OwnCloud Crashes

Good day developer team,
i have issues using Owncloud since a few hours. I reinstalled it, deleted it, used the Sciebo-App (as my institution is using this) updated to the daily build but nothing works it always crashes on startup.
It all started with this error when i tried to download a file:
error 0x80070194.
And now i can only access my files through the webbrowser.

I sent the crash-report under the ID: 50e6b385-8d90-4495-ac51-c040f42fbf22

I am using windows 10 with the latest updates.

Hope you can help me.
best wishes

Duplicate for Crash on startup

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I already saw this, but i could not fix it according to that post.

Then please provide feedback and your information in this post. Doesn’t help anyone if discussed in multiple places.

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New solution in my last comment with potential fix in Crash on startup .

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