Crash on startup

Im working on windows 10, i had once installed owncloud client on this computer, used it normally, then unninstalled.
Today i downloaded the latest version and the app wont even start, it gave the following code eea47ab1-13c3-45eb-9c55-60cb010b6a02

any clue what to do?

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Check the following paragraph:

& 'C:\Program Files\ownCloud\owncloud.exe' --logfile - --logflush | Write-Host

Make sure to copy the command as is, with leading ampersand and single quotes around the path and logfile pointing to -.

This should then output the whole error message. I would suspect that an old ownCloud installations configuration directory still exists and points to a drive/folder that no longer exists. I think the error message should also tell in which path this configuration is.


The ownCloud folder didnt exist, after creating it, the client started and immediately began to sync the account i was logged in on that older installation.
it seems that those configurations was held somewhere, maybe its a good idea to remove them when ownCloud client is unninstalled.

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The team is investigating this issue in the public repo on
owncloud Client crashes as soon as started · Issue #8069 · owncloud/client · GitHub

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I just had a quick conversation with the development team. This is our current understanding:

  • Older and current client versions wrote entries with inconsistent permissions to the sync journal (SQLite database in every sync folder)
  • 2.9 pre-release client no longer creates entries with inconsistent permissions
  • But there are often old entries that are still invalid (no auto-healing yet)


  • Update to latest 2.9 daily build:
    2.9 |
  • Close the client
  • Delete the hidden SQLite files in every sync folder
  • When you start the client, it will re-index all data and will re-create the sync journal / SQLite database

2.9 beta in the next few days will behave better.

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We think we have a fix in the latest dailies:

In case it still crashes, please report back with the new crash ID, so the team can have another look.


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