ownCloud cron occ system docker

i use ownCloud 10.8 based on docker at a raspberry pi and have a basic question about the cron usage.

my understanding is that i can use the cron system of the HOST and put something like " … occ system:cron …" in the crontab of the Host OR
do i have to install cron inside the container and let the cronjobs also run inside the container?

Hi, in the official docker image, cron is installed and enabled by default. If you want to customize the cronjobs, you can mount a custom crontab to the /etc/cron.d/ folder inside the container.

If you prefer to use the host’s cron service, you can disable the built-in one by setting OWNCLOUD_CROND_ENABLED=false and use something like docker exec -t owncloud occ system:cron within your local crontab.

thanks rkaussow for your comment :slight_smile:
in which file should i disable the build-in service via OWNCLOUD_CROND_ENABLED?

That depends on how you run your ownCloud docker container. It’s an environment variable and need to be set at the same place where you have set all other env vars.

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