Owncloud deleted files from DFS mirror


  • Offsite Owncloud server (v10.11.0)
  • On-premise Windows 2019 Server as the primary file server
  • On-premise Windows 2019 Server as a DFS mirror of the primary file server
  • Owncloud Desktop client (v5.0.0.12278) running on the mirror Win2019 Server to push a copy of the shared files to offsite Owncloud server

Expected behaviour

Files should be uploaded to the Owncloud server without “harming” (deleting) the files on the on-premise servers.

Actual behaviour

When Owncloud desktop client is allowed to sync files, files are deleted from the primary on-premise file server. File on the DFS mirror are not deleted.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Set up a primary Win2019 server with a DFS mirror
  2. Install Owncloud desktop client to the DFS mirror
  3. Set up a folder synchronization for the shared directory

I have reviewed Owncloud desktop client logs as well as the DFS server logs and am coming up empty on ideas for what’s going on. Does anyone have any ideas for what might be going on? I’m running a separate test right now on the backup server with a completely separate directory that isn’t DFS mirrored to see what happens.


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