Owncloud - deny upload files X users


I would like know if its possible deny upload files to some users. They can login and check files shared with them but they can't upload any file.


You can set a quota of 0 bytes for those users in the user management of ownCloud.

Thanks, I tried that but if they have 0 bytes they can't see files shared with them. They mustn't upload files but yes see files shared with them.

The quota doesn't affect which files a user can see.

Thanks. Its working.

Really I want to allow access some users only from certain IP, is it possible? I didn't see any way to do it and for that reason I choose to deny upload files.
If someone knows any way to do it, please let me know.

No, this is not possible on a default ownCloud community installation. The enterprise edition offers a "file firewall" functionality which might help here.

Thanks, maybe I take enterprise edition... Hardcore the code isn't good idea :slight_smile: