Owncloud Desktop App Log In

Expected behaviour

The system should register the user to enter the application

I put the error on the image

Actual behaviour

using the normal user or the password provided by Application password / tokens does not log in.

I edited the config.php file adding this:

‘token_auth_enforced’ => true,
‘csrf.disabled’ => true,

nothing changed =(

Steps to reproduce

  1. Run app
  2. type the domain
  3. try to login

Server configuration

Operating system: cPanel & WHM v104.0.6 (STANDARD)

Web server: Apache Web Server

Database: 5.7.38 - MySQL Community Server (GPL)

PHP version: PHP 7.4 ( ea-php74 )

ownCloud version: ownCloud 10.10.0 (stable)

Storage backend (external storage): no

Client configuration

Client version: Version 2.10.1 (Build 7187)

Operating system: Windows 11 Pro

OS language: Spanish

Installation path of client: C:\Program Files\ownCloud


Template for output < 10 lines

No log reported at file

  1. Web server error log: The credentials you used didn’t worked.

  2. Server logfile: ownCloud log (data/owncloud.log): No log reported

Normal user login can’t work with ‘token_auth_enforced’ => true,, but the application password should work.

I’d recommend to activate the OAuth 2.0 app on your ownCloud server.

Hi @michaelstingl Thanks for the reply!

I installed Oauth 2.0 successfully. The only drawback is that when I press the Authorize button, it throws me the following error:

URL: http://localhost:51135/?code=pw8SfOzqRiT18ouKnRepuL5WqgJy6rt5xBtfl8ybt8xpYQ6zQbItdEuvAdbqn18H&state=rrw88PVT_A_2KW2APcmNHddjTTYbbcZuRAuaZHYwnRc%3D


login error
Error returned from server: invalid_request

I will continue to investigate this error. But the question comes from this side


I think it’s everything ok…

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