ownCloud Desktop Client 2.6.1 released

Hi everyone,

We’ve released 2.6.1 desktop sync client.

Downloads links can be found in https://github.com/owncloud/client/releases/tag/v2.6.1

ChangeLog (Since 2.6.0)


  • GUI: Add quit button to the settings dialog (#7547)
  • GUI: Change the display name to “server (user name)”, show the full text in the tooltip (#6728)
  • GUI: Show a warning that proxy settings do not apply to localhost (#7169)
  • CLI: Make it possible to show settings/quit by command line invocation (#7018, #7547)
  • Linux: Add action to Desktop file to show settings, quit the client (#7018, #7547)


  • Sync: Correctly sync files on Windows after they got unlocked (owncloud/enterprise#3609)
  • Log: Message priority wasn’t handled correctly so the console log was flooded(#7453)
  • Vfs: Do not overwrite existing files by placeholder (#7557, #7556)
  • Discovery: Allow more HTTP error code to be treated as ignored dir (#7586)
  • GUI: Limit the clickable region of the ‘add folder’ button (#7326)
  • GUI: Don’t show the “All files deleted” popup when unselecting everything with selective sync (#7337)
  • GUI: Don’t put a too big icon in about dialog (#7574)
  • Shell Integration: Don’t assume read-only folder when permissions are not known (#7330)
  • Sync: Temporary disable http2 support by default again (#7610)
  • Windows Installer: Remember install location on auto update (#7580)

Have fun!