ownCloud Desktop Client 2.6.3 released

Hi everyone,

We’ve released 2.6.3 desktop sync client.

Downloads links can be found in https://github.com/owncloud/client/releases/tag/v2.6.3

ChangeLog (Since 2.6.1)

• Restart the client after an update
• Wizard is hidden behind the browser: #7856
• Add branding option to disable experimental features: #7755
• Client sometimes does not show up when started by a user: #7018
• Fix several wrong colored icons in dark mode: #7043
• Fixed bug in public link with password required: #7247
• Fixed editing public link expiration date: #7313
• Expand file tree also when no folders are synced: #7336
• Fixed bug saving the cookies: #7700
• Fixed crash in the setup wizard: #7709
• Fixed bug in the Virtual File warning dialog: #7710
• Fixed a potential crash while discovering moves: #7722
• Add Folder Sync Connection sometimes does not warn: #7741
• Resize the buttons in the settings view dynamically: #7744
• Fix status icon after move errors: #7759
• Fixed a potential crash on cancelation of discovery jobs: #7760
• Fix a potential crash on Windows VFS: #7761
• Fixed OAuth2 login of user with +: #7762
• On Windows the share dialog does not open as the top most window: #7774
• Client sometimes crashes when a placeholder file was moved: #7799
• Don’t override cookies with old values: #7831
• Closing prompt has the same effect as accepting: #7874
• Crash on migration of old settings: #7878

With ownCloud client 2.6.3 we’ve added support for
Ubuntu 20.04
openSUSE 15.2
Fedora 32

Note: CentOS-7 users need to upgrade to at least CentOS-7.6 (or prefered 7.8) – support for CentOS-7.5 or earlier is no longer possible with 2.6.3
We renamed our CentOS_7 download repository to a more specific CentOS_7.6 to reflect this incompatibility.

Client 2.6.3 is the last one supporting the below platforms
Ubuntu 18.04 (newer LTS available)
Ubuntu 19.04 (EOL: 2020-01)
Fedora 30 (EOL: 2019-11-29)
opensuse_leap_15.0 (EOL: 2019-11-31)

Have fun!