ownCloud Desktop Client Build Error with KDECraft

I’m having problems with ownCloud Desktop Building steps. I am following https://doc.owncloud.org/desktop/building.html#windows-development-build-with-kde-craft this steps but I get error

I am at 2.6 which discarded anongit.kde.org from the CI cycle, I believe I have to delete anongit.kde.org myself and add the new repo. do you have any suggestions? I think craft is not smooth, the document I send does not work correctly, for example to switch version I had to use https://owncloud.org/news/interview-kde-craft-improves-owncloud-client-build-process/ this document. Official one was not enough.

This brings up a philosophical question, too. Is ownCloud abandoning it’s ownDocuments?

Build setup is a moving target, and docs get not always updated. But there shouldn’t be issues with Craft. Maybe compare your output with the CI output:

You can find CI config here:



if there is something missing / not up to date in the documentation then i think you could also open an issue with recommendations / updates for the documentation at:

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If I fix the problem I aim to do that, thanks.


I fixed the problem following the instructions of “TheOneRing” from github.
KDE Has changed a lot, not using MSVC2019 instead of 2017 and KDE Repos has changed, so you have to delete Craft compeletly and install it from scratch, it will solve it. By the way install Python2.7 before starting the installation because otherwise it will give error.

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@ozata could you open a pull request and bring those changes to the docs?


Of course, I’ll open a PR soon.


Opened a PR https://github.com/owncloud/client/pull/7909/commits