OwnCloud desktop client installation on Ubuntu 20.04

Hello Community,

yesterday i tried to install the OwnCloud Desktop Client on an freshly updated Ubuntu 20.04
for this i followed the instructions that link to the opensuse build service
and there i choose Ubuntu and Add repository and install manually
in this list there is currently as newest version 19.10 available.
so i tried with this repo.
but this gives some warnings about needed dependencies that are not allowed to be installed (the message is in german so this is my try to translate it :wink: )
this are all ocqt5125* packages…

when will the repo for 20.04 be available?
or is there some other temporary workaround to install the client?

sunny greetings

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2.6.3 pre-release builds already support 20.04:

2.6.3 is currently in final testing, and we expect the release soon.


thanks for the reply!

for now i will switch to the daily version :slight_smile:

sunny greetings

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Wait 10 minutes, and we’ll have Ubuntu 20.04 packages in https://build.opensuse.org/project/monitor/isv:ownCloud:desktop:testing too, the home of 2.6.3 RC1 …

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Anything new on a production-level repository for Focal?

2.6.3 RC2-testing just finished. You can track the progress here:

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Thanks. Let me just add, for people coming here for the same reason I did (having made the move to Focal): Ubuntu Focal has owncloud-client in its universe repository; you can simply apt install owncloud-client.

Once the production PPA for Focal is available, we can add that to get regular updates.