OwnCloud desktop client not supported under Rocky Linux 8


I’ve been a happy OwnCloud user for the last decade or so. But now I’m running into some major trouble with it.

I’ve spent some time to upgrade my OwnCloud server to Rocky Linux 8 under the hood, with the latest stable OwnCloud 10.13.4 server. I had to jump through quite some burning loops to do this. I’ve documented this in my blog.

Upgrade and migration went OK. But now I have a nasty surprise, since my client won’t connect to it anymore. It says “Unsupported client version”.

OwnCloud only provides binary RPMs for Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSUSE. If you use anything else, you’re on your own.

In the past I managed to build the OwnCloud client from older Fedora SRPMs for Rocky Linux 8. Here’s the latest version I could manage to build on my distribution:


Fun fact: even Fedora 39 only sports version 2.10.1 in its repositories.

In a last desperate attempt I tried to connect to my OwnCloud server with the latest NextCloud client, but it says “Unsupported server version”.

So I’m basically stuck in a catch 22.

One note to the OwnCloud team : please get your act together and publish a client that works under RHEL 8.x and clones. I’ve wasted enough time with this nonsense.

AppImage should work great:

Here you can find more information:


I managed to get the AppImage to work under Rocky Linux 8. Unfortunately KDE desktop integration is lost now.

Could you open an issue here?


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