ownCloud Desktop Client overlay icons not showing in custom build

Overlay icons(small icons that indicates synchronization) not showing on custom Mac and Windows builds, do you know that if there’s a build parameter to show them? What could be the reason?

Expected behaviour

Overlay icons should be seen at all folders and files after synchronization.

Actual behaviour

Overlay icons not showing

Hello Ozata.

Do you have multiple ownCloud clients installed at the same time?

I think this can cause problems in the 2.6.x versions.


Hello, that might just be the problem, I’ll be looking at it.

Actually this was the solution. First I install my custom owncloud build, and there comes no overlay icons, then I install official 2.6.3 and restart the PC, then overlay icons come and show, because official OC records the overlays into the regedit. I found a workaround, though, I still dont understand why built product differs so much with the same source code.

Open cmd in administrator and run regsvr3 “C:\Program Files\CustomOwncloud\bin\OCOverlays.dll” then restart, it’ll bring the overlay icons, you have to register OCContextMenu.dll the same way if there is no context menu, too. But then again, how many people building owncloud his/herself?

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Typo: should be regsvr32
Path to regular installation: C:\Program Files\ownCloud\OCOverlays.dll
So if this needs to be done on regular installation:

regsvr32 “C:\Program Files\ownCloud\OCOverlays.dll”