ownCloud Desktop Client Windows 64bit needed?


With ownCloud Desktop Client 2.5.0 (currently in Beta1 see Desktop sync client 2.5.0 BETA1 released) we are switching to MSI and a new MSVC based build system.
Does anybody see a real need for a 64bit Windows Client and why? Otherwise we will continue to ship 32bit as maximum file size as well as maximum number of files or generally usage of memory is no problem for us in 32bit and its always confusing if we have to provide both binaries …

Opinions welcome!?


From a company and from a personal pov, I can say that you look always to have binaries available in the OS native format. 32bit OS is not away tomorow, but if you look around, 64bit is standard now. Therefore I highly propose to provide 64bit native binaries. Technically you may be correct in not reaching any limits, but from a handling pov you will automatically take what your OS is setup for. It also looks quite outdated not to have 64bit binaries…