OwnCloud Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) screenshot auto uploader

Dropbox has this cool feature in Windows desktop client - When I press "Print screen" (whole desktop) or "Alt + Print screen" (for just 1 active window) key(s) on keyboard, it automatically saves the screenshot to sync folder.
I wonder why OwnCloud does not have this basic feature. It would be great to have it in OwnCloud Desktop Client too.
Is there any possibility to make it in new version?

Thank you.

I wonder why OwnCloud does not have this basic feature.

Most likely because thats a more exotic use case. To be honest, how many screenshots are you doing day by day?

Personally i have done my last screenshot on my desktop pc years ago.

I doubt that this will be ever included into the client but lets see what others are saying.

I personally make about 5 - 10 screenshots a day, so this feature seems quite basic to me. I switched from Dropbox to OwnCloud because I dont want to pay Dropbox fees and for security reasons too, but I'm missing this basic feature so much. All the mainstream cloud storages has this feature. It's too complicated to press screenshot, open Photoshop, create a new picture, paste it, save it, find a owncloud folder and then click on save... when it could be done in one key press.

I wouldn't call this "basic feature" as the oC devs would have seen tons of feature request about that already. But as written, lets see what others are saying.

Just stumbled over the following existing feature request so closing here. Seems there is little demand on this and it doesn't look like it will be included.