Owncloud direct Download Link for PDF

Hi Guys,

I have the following problem, we are currently using the Ownloud 10.0.9 via the Univention system and we are trying to share PDF files with a direct download link. (We have installed the PDF Viewer)

Now when the direct download is send to someone, the Person can open the PDF because of the PDF viewer, is it possible to just download it without delete the PDF viewer?

We need the PDF-Viewer for our normal User but not for external LInks…

Kind regards,


I guess you can try to open a feature request in github to have something official. Meanwhile you can try to append “/download” to the share link.

/download doesnt work, because the links hast the be password secure, so after the person type in the password there just hast to be the download option for PDF :-/

Thats not possible today. Actually they can download it and technically they actually do download it to the browser and open it in Javascript there. Can you explain why this use case is important for you? What is the difference from a user experience/use case perspective?

I dont have a Problem with this, our Employees need this for some Mailings…