OwnCloud does not appear in Windows Explorer's Navigation Pane


Expected Behaviour :
I have installed OwnCloud with several computers, and sync folders have always appeared in the Windows Explorer’s Navigation Pane which I find helpful.

Actual Behaviour :
However when I installed it this time (Windows 10, OwnCloud, it does not appear. I also find no option related to that in “Advanced” in the client.

Would you have a tip to solve this ?

Cheers !

Maybe check Registry for the entries mentioned here:

Thanks for the idea but sadly that does not seem to solve it. Key System.IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree is already set to 1 in regedit !
I’ll add that Dropbox sync folders show normally in the Navigation Pane.

Can you please open the about dialog and copy the content of the Versions tab?
I’d be interested on the exact version of Windows reported.
Also are you using the windows virtual files or did you select to fully sync everything.


Hi !

" ownCloud [8f9152](https ://github.com/owncloud/client/commit/8f9152e5eb6fde81a1a1ba889ee03df2e3e9445c)
Libraries Qt 6.4.3, OpenSSL 3.1.2 1 Aug 2023
Using virtual files plugin: wincfapi
OS: windows-10.0.19045
QPA: windows"

OS is Windows 10 Family (not sure if it’s called like this in English), version is 22H2.

I deactivated virtual files, I fully sync everything. I did the same on 2 or 3 other computers with no problem on Explorer’s Navigation Pane.

I ended up reverted to 4.2, now it works correctly.
5.0 might need a fix


i think if 5.0 needs a fix then i think it would require to let the ownCloud people to know over here:

Please enable VFS mode.

Non-VFS sync folder connections no longer create sidebar entries:

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