OwnCloud doesn't work well with many images



Hello, I'm using owncloud server 8.2.7 (latest version) and I'm hosting a lot of imagens (personal and purchased for projects) that total in 6000 files and over 24gb of data.

All these images have a custom name and are in the same folder.

OwnCloud has the following problems with this situation:
1. If I go to the folder, ownCloud won't let me search for every image and open it, I have to scroll down for it to load the images, which isn't feasible. With this setup I can open each image or download it directly;
2. If I search for an image from outside the image folder, ownCloud will find them inside the folder but won't allow me to download them, just open it. If I open it, ownCloud will just hang while trying to load the image.

My server specs:
Intel Xeon E3-1230
2x 1TB SATA 3
RAID 1 Hardware

Can someone help me?


Please specify as "8" is too unspecifc


Our version is 8.2.7 stable.


Ok, then check the issue tracker at https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues or create a new issue if none exists.

  1. There is no configuration option or similar to change the "paging" of the files.
  2. Sounds like a bug


Ok, it seems at least the search with longer files is possible in oC 9.1: