OwnCloud editing Documents

Hi All,

I want to know, what service is behind editing the documents? Is it WebODF or LibreOffice ?
I'm confused as i know that WebODF can't edit doc/docx etc. ?
Is it LibreOffice Online ? Because its limited to 20 doc etc. or something ?

Thanks in advanced !

The ownCloud Documents app was/is based on WebODF. With 10.x this is depricated and we are now solely recommending Collabora Online aka LibreOffice Online.

Hi hodyroff,

Thank you for replying. I read this that OwnCloud is shifting to LibreOffice or Collabora. I want to know where i can find this configuration files or code to look at it. Also, is there a similar way to Collaborate simultaneous with the documents but using Office. For example if i have Office Document (docx) and i open it and start editing, and if some other user open it and start editing, can we see the changes without saving the document ?

This works with all file formats which LibreOffice supports. However they are saved automatically pending changes from each user. Thats what collaborative editing is about. However they need to be on the same ownCloud Server of course and use the collaborative editing function.

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