OwnCloud files mis-deleted

Hi, my owncloud server was linked with ubuntu repository and I decide to drop it and follow standard upgrade method. The idea was not to depend from repository anymore.

After apt remove owncloud-files, all files were deleted except data and config. My database is ok also since it is mysql.

After that, I downloaded and extracted zip folder containing ownlcoud- (same version as the original). However, when I open it, it ask for an upgrade.

When I try to upgrade, it complains about:

Doctrine\DBAL\Schema\SchemaException: The column 'execution_duration' on table 'oc_jobs' already exists.

I really need my server back and running. I hope someone can help me!

This is what I would try in this situation:

After backing up the db, I would delete that column ‘execution_duration’ from table ‘oc_jobs’, and then retry the upgrade.

No warranty, good luck!

Appreciate your help. I have backed up but I’m not aware what this table is used for! Any ideas?

No clue. But the error message says, that the table already exists, and this is aborting the upgrade. If you care, you can import the content of that table from your backup, after the upgrade was successful.

Your data folder is gone?

I needed a fresh install and rescan the files.
Users are offline, but Im fixing one by one.

I think you have a very serious problem, unfortunately I cannot help here.