OwnCloud Files not showing up in the Browser

hi all ,
after migration on a new server, I don’t see any files on my new server, i have checking many solutions but anything doesn’t work , i’ve checked the permission , adding a ‘filesystem_check_changes’ => 1, in my config.php and scanning files via occ but , no changes made , please help me thanks


i think you could try to review the migration docs provided by the ownCloud people to see if any step was missing during the migration.

Thank you for your reply, I have carefully followed the migration process outlined in the link provided by the ownCloud team.

Did you set your datadirectory in your new instance to the location of your files?
You can check it in your config.php, which should be located in /var/www/owncloud/config in a standard installation

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Hi, after documentation , I Want to migrate to the new version called OCIS (Infinite Scale) now , im looking for a good guides for setup it. :slight_smile:

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