ownCloud functionality questions



I am new to installing oC and I have some questions that I can't resolve after searching the forums/docs:
1. Do I need to run an LDAP server on a separate machine? Can I run it on the same machine or somehow provide the same functionality/authentication services on the same machine the Ubuntu server and oC are running? (yea, I know this is not the best for security but would suffice for a small test bed.)

  1. Is installing and running LAMP under Ubuntu acceptable? does it provide all the services that oC would require? OR stated another way, after doing a base install of Ubuntu server, what other services are required to install to support oC?

  2. Are they any Apache (out of the box) config setting that need to be changed to support oC?


Owncloud runs more or less out of the box on a LAMP system. However, some tuning and caching does improve the overall performance but is not required for first tests.

You don't have to run LDAP at all, and if you run, it doesn't matter on which machine it runs.


If I don't run a LDAP server, what takes it place?


The ownCloud internal user management is database based. Recommend MySQL or MariaDB for that. Whatever your Linux distro brings.