OwnCloud Git Integration

Hi! Gregg and I are two person company that use ownCloud for our business. We use a local Git repo for document control and wanted to have access to the files via ownCloud to share as a business. We created a Python project that is publicly available for download.

:Docs: http://the-gmu-owncloud-tools.readthedocs.io/
:Source: https://bitbucket.org/thegmu/thegmu-owncloud-tools

#. This is an alpha release.
#. Installation requires Linux system administration for bash and cron configuration.
#. Git is the system of record where ownCloud is just a read-only view in the MVC model. All documents are created and modified using Git on our laptops.
#. We a backend developers and do not work with either PHP or Javascript so this is all in Python.
#. We are looking into options for front end configuration.