'ownCloud GmbH' is charging me money but I'm not sure where to cancel it

Hi, I’m being charged 1 Euro a month for something by “ownCloud GmbH”. I’ve been trialing loads of different things over the past couple of weeks and I do remember doing something, somewhere, that might have attracted such a charge but now I can’t remember where to go to cancel it. Any ideas?

Maybe it was https://owncloud.online/ ?

Dear @christiaan,
on registering for a trial account for ownCloud.online our payment provider checks your entered payment data (credit card or debit) if a payment is processable. If your bank accepts this request we know that this is a verified and legit bank account and - furthermore - person. We need to have this check to block spam and fake accounts which harmed us in the past.
So, to wrap it up, this is not an actual payment but a payment check.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me via info@owncloud.online.
Best regards

Florian Lenz
Product Manager ownCloud.online

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Florian, sorry, my mistake. I didn’t pay proper attention. It was a payment and a refund. Not two payments. Thanks for getting back to me.