ownCloud hackathon report, Thessaloniki-Greece, April 8th 2017

It's been a long time since we last had an ownCloud meeting in Greece. We decided to do a hackathon. The idea was to finish the translation so next time we'll meet to play with installation, containers etc.

We gathered on April 8th 2017 at a friend's pastry shop (Mpezes). We created a facebook event to post it as central point and also a telegram group to chat.

The reason we've chosen to host it there is obvious :-).
Couple of points to add value are the fiber optic FAST internet, friendly environment and finally the ownCloud cookies (see picture).

Let's focus to our work on hackathon. We started at 11am and we stayed until 9pm. We wanted people who work in the morning, to join us in the afternoon. Unfortunately no one came but that wasn't a problem for us.

As you probably know, the translation is hosted on Transifex. We all decided to skip the files that have to do with the app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone because those apps aren't free to download and use. A user has to pay to download them.

Anyways, we focused on other files. The result was more than 150 strings translated.

Let's see the files that left to translate:

  • Calendar: 13 untranslated
  • Client: 63 untranslated
  • files_paperhive: 2 untranslated
  • files_sharing: 4 untranslated
  • lib: 17 untranslated
  • news: 4 untranslated
  • passwords: 108 untranslated
  • richdocuments: 13 untranslated
  • settings: 31 untranslated
  • twofactor_totp: 1 untranslated
  • user_ldap: 7 untranslated

So 263 more strings to finish. The translation isn't over. We continue until we finish it (maybe during the week, although it's Holly week for us).

Let's see some pictures.

I would like to thank Dimitris Katsikas for the pictures. You can see more at facebook event.


@iosifidis We can't praise you enough for your efforts! Thx so much for your contributions. Love to see the revival of the greek ownClouders.

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Hi! nice event. Are the photos CC? I'd like to use them in a blogpost on owncloud.org :slight_smile:

Yes, use them. CC.

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Thank you, which one exactly? CC0 Public Domain?

All of them. I have them in good quality but they're about 20MB each :wink:
Do you want me to upload to my ownCloud and share them so you can use them all?

I uploaded them on Facebook group just for reference for future events.

Ah, I actually meant which CC license exactly :smiley: But if you are OK with CC0 Public Domain, I will use this.
I think I will just download them from your blog, this is easier, and as they are meant for a blog, the quality should fit. Thank you a lot :slight_smile: