OwnCloud Help For APIs

As I am new to OwnCloud, I am facing some issues with it. I am building an API which gives me the details of the Directory and all the other important details to it. The API which I am using to fetch the details is...


With this I am able to get the details of the directories and files. But what if I have to get the details of the sub directory or Child Directory ??

For Example: IF I have Folders like ABC, DEF and file like abc.jpg than I am able to get all the details regarding this. But what if I want to get the details for the inner content of the ABC Folder.

And one more question: is there any way to get the file size without downloading it and without using webdav? Will I be able to get the file size from any other way?

Any help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thanks in Advance.

WebDAV is the standard API we use for file operations. Whats wrong with it? (As you say "without using WebDAV ...) seems like you are trying this with the sharing API which is for other purposes ...