Owncloud how to apply bug code update

Good Day

I requere a patch to be applied to my owncloud server written by owncloud for a smb bug the have verified.

What will the process be to apply this patch please.

Thanks in Advance


please use google search before asking questions here.

This forum is supposed to be an ownCloud forum - helping users with ownCloud.

How to apply patches from GitHub is a GitHub-question.

Here is what came up on my google search:

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What is your question?

You know that you can’t just copy paste comments from GitHub in here without context?

Also, if you have customers, and you need your ownCloud adjusted to the customers needs, why not buy ownCloud support? There you will get quick and proper solutions.

How do you apply an owncloud patch

the owncloud smb integration does not work they gave me a patch but how do i apply it

See my post above, I already wrote how to apply it.

If you are a customer, you can contact ownCloud support for help with your instance.